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Furniture Repair Guide

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How a Custom Furniture Store Enhances Personalization

Creating a living space that truly reflects your personality, style, and preferences can be a delightful endeavor. While there are numerous furniture options available in the market, sometimes finding the perfect piece that fits your vision can be a challenge. This is where custom furniture stores step in, offering a unique and personalized solution to transform your space into a reflection of your individuality.

Record Cabinet or Stereo Cabinets
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5 Benefits of Handcrafted Furniture

We are all individuals, and as individuals, we all have our own tastes and style preferences. Some prefer modern, minimalistic designs, while others may gravitate towards more lavish designs with intricate details. No matter your preferences, chances are that you can find furniture suitable to your needs. But why just settle for something that you have to “make due” with?

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What Is A Wall Bed?

A Wall Bed (Murphy bed) is a bed that is hinged on one side to a wall, allowing it to be folded up against the wall. Sounds like a great, space saving idea right? Well the name “Murphy bed” actually dates back to around 1918. A man living in San Francisco named William L Murphy came up with the design best known today. These kinds of beds had been around for a while in one form or another since around 1900, but William Murphy took the idea of a folding bed and put a hinge at one end so it could be folded up and stored against a wall.